Why You Should Attend IAFC’s Fire-Rescue International

In today’s rapidly evolving world, staying ahead in the fire and emergency service industry requires
continuous learning and networking. That’s why attending the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC) Fire-Rescue International (FRI) conference is an invaluable opportunity. This year, we’re heading
to Kansas City, Missouri at the Kansas City Convention Center, August 16 – 18, 2023 to learn, network,
and collaborate.

 Professional Development and Education: At FRI, participants have access to a diverse range of
educational sessions, workshops, and presentations led by industry experts. Whether you’re a
seasoned firefighter or just starting your career, FRI offers valuable insights on the latest
firefighting techniques, leadership strategies, and technological advancements. From hands-on
training to interactive discussions, the conference equips attendees with practical knowledge to
enhance their professional skills and contribute to their organizations success.

 Networking and Collaboration: FRI brings together fire service professionals from around the
world, creating a dynamic environment for networking and collaboration. The conference
provides countless opportunities to connect with peers, leaders, and vendors in the industry. By
interacting with like-minded individuals, attendees can exchange ideas, share best practices, and
build meaningful relationships. These connections can lead to collaborations on projects,
mentorship opportunities, and even potential career advancements. FRI social events and
networking lounges further facilitate relationship-building, fostering a sense of camaraderie
among attendees.

 Innovative Solutions: One of the highlights of FRI is the expansive exhibit hall, showcasing the
latest products, services, and technologies in the fire and emergency service sector. Attendees
can explore a wide array of cutting-edge equipment, apparatus, software, and firefighting tools.
This exposure to innovative solutions enables fire service professionals to stay updated with
industry trends and identify advancements that can improve their departments efficiency and
effectiveness. Moreover, exhibitors often offer demonstrations and hands-on experiences,
allowing attendees to test and evaluate products firsthand.

Plus, this year we will be celebrating IAFC’s 150th Anniversary at FRI!
Attending FRI is an investment in your professional growth and the advancement of the fire and
emergency service industry. By participating in this memorable event, you position yourself at the
forefront of industry knowledge and foster connections that can have a lasting impact on your career.
Learn more and register today.