Following are the transmissions announcing Roger Harwood’s retirement.

“At the completion of tonight’s tour [June 13, 2016] after 54 years of employment by the Wantagh Fire District, I will be retiring.

“I started on May 1, 1962, the same day 6- year member and 50-year current-Commissioner Donald E. Snyder became Chief of Department and the first chief designated as 6900.  Prior chief’s were 6910 Deputies were Unit 1, Unit 2 and Unit 3. Another change was 698 as a 65-foot aerial became 6911,  691 known as Booster #1 became 698, and 699 Rescue 1 became 6917.

“These changes were made to coincide with a plan by the Sixth Battalion to standardize the numbering of chiefs, engines, ladders and rescues for identifying incoming mutual aid units. Merrick and Wantagh were the only ones to thoroughly complete the plan”

“[At the time of hiring] the department consisted of three firehouses: Main House, North House, and South House and Maintenance Building.

“I have worked for 26 fire commissioners, two superintendents and a supervisor. I worked with 16 fellow dispatchers including 17 years with my father, Dispatcher #2.  I worked with four maintenance supervisors, two mechanics and others. From the department there have been 28 Chiefs, and six assistant chiefs with three currently in office.

“I have made some longtime close friends with Department members and co-workers from past and present. I am leaving with some great memories. Thank you. This is 690 Dispatcher #3 Roger and out.

“In addition there will be no alternate work-call credit given for listening to this message. And 6969 is Code 7.”

Harwood (690 Dispatcher #3) also dispatched for the Seaford Fire Department since October 19, 1964.

“During that time I have made some longtime friends from the department past and present and now 690 Dispatcher #3 is over and out.”

-Fire News photos by Jack Healy