Fire Police Emeritus John Bonner and retired Fire Police Raymond ‘Jiggy’ Knox died unexpectedly in early January. Both members exemplified Aetna’s motto of “Service for Others.”

Jiggy Knox retired as a Fire Police Captain, and served as a firefighter in his earlier days, as well as a financial officer for the company for many years. He held the rank of Sergeant Major in the Delaware National Guard during his working years.

John Bonner was a truck driver delivering new cars. He was an accomplished engine driver. He held the offices of Chief Engineer and Assistant Chief before being appointed as a Fire Police Officer. Upon his retirement, he was named Fire Police Emeritus and his number 8-9 was retired.

The members of Aetna mourn the loss of these men who spent their lives protecting the greater Newark community.

– Submitted by Steve Austin

Photo captions:

For 2-9a;
Fire Police Emeritus John Bonner

For 2-9b;
Retired Fire Police Raymond ‘Jiggy’ Knox