Firefighters in the state capital were kept busy battling a stubborn blaze involving both sides of a 2-1/2-story duplex on April 16, 2024. Members of Trenton Fire Department reported heavy fire was showing from the top of Oliver Avenue, with flames extending into the right side exposure. First-due Engine 8 arrived and transmitted an all hands. Multiple hoselines were stretched as crews mounted an aggressive interior attack. Battalion Chief James Scott called an evacuation and a switch to defensive operations as the fire burned through the roof  Ladder 2’s aerial master stream was put in service and the fire was officially declared under control. Engines 8, 1, 9 and 10, Ladders 1, 2 and 4, and Rescue 1 operated, with Ladder 4 responding as a manpower-only unit.

– Fire News photos by Michael Ratcliffe/Lawrence Township FD