(Williston Park, NY.) Nassau County based Grant-Guys Inc. is proud to
announce that THREE applicants have been awarded funds in the
second round of the 2020 AFGP cycle announced on 8/6/2021.
The FLANDERS FD was awarded a diesel exhaust system in the amount
of $50,000 for purchase and installation of the equipment. This was the
third attempt to fund these items by Flanders FD.

The Orient FD was awarded funding in the amount of $68,000 for the
purchase of a SCBA fill system and four thermal imaging cameras. This
is the second award in a row for the Orient FD coming after a 2019
engine/tanker award in the amount of $560,000. OFD applied for this
item in 2019 and was denied but resubmitted the application with edits
the following cycle.

Lastly, the FLORAL PARK CENTRE FC was awarded $91,000 for the
installation of a sprinkler system for headquarters. This is the third
consecutive year of funding for the agency following a portable radio
award, engine award, and SCBA award. “Floral Park Ctr. is a consistent
winner due to its administrative organization and long-term strategic
commitment to the AFGP program” said Tom Devaney, the Director of
Grant-Guys Inc. “The agency properly records alarms and has a detailed
documentation and procurement system which managing the awards

Applications submitted in February of 2021 will continue each Friday
until all funds are exhausted, probably in September.

The next AFGP Application period will open in the late Fall of 2021. “With two of the
three Long Island awardees being re-submitted applications following
prior turn-downs, the case can made to stick to your items and be
prepared to re-submit denied applications over-time. This isn’t a race,
it’s a competition among other worthy fire departments across the
country” said Tom Devaney.