They Saved New York is about people who head into burning buildings when everyone else is running out.

Glenn Usdin is a professional photographer and a firefighter for over 40 years who has been photographing fires and firefighters in NYC since the mid 1970s. Dan Potter is a retired FDNY firefighter with the ability to tell the stories that bring the reader right into the firehouse or on the fireground. Together, Usdin and Potter conceived, photographed and told the stories that captures a wide range of firefighters in They Saved New York.

In the late 1960s, through the 1980s, the New York Fire Department experienced a historic rapid amount of fire duty. The firefighters who worked those years saw more actual fires in a week than most firefighters across the country saw in a year. Usdin felt strongly that these firefighter’s legacies needed to be preserved and honored in a unique way. That was the inspiration for the project that became They Saved New York.

Dan Potter spent hundreds of hours interviewing featured firefighters and then crafted their stories for the book with his deft writing style. Usdin captured evocative portraits of each of them, as well as hundreds of action photos he shot at fire scenes over 40 plus years. The result is a large format photo documentary that honors the profession as well as the featured individuals.

A portion of the proceeds from this book will support four foundations that serve the needs of retired and current firefighters.

You may find out more about those foundations and the book here: www.TheySaved