Green Bay, Wisconsin:


December 27th , 2022 – The Green Bay Metro Fire Department is pleased to announce
the recent promotions of some of our members. Lieutenants Kyle Koch, Chad Allen,
Dustin Ridings, Kevin Pischke, James Irvin, Shawn McDonough, & Greg Weddle have
been promoted to Captain. Firefighter Kyle Lauf has been promoted to Training
Captain. Engineers Kyle Rentmeester, Joe Thomson, John Crabbe, Kevin Becker, Keith
Dougherty, Keith Zaidel, Nathan Timm, & Rob Paul have been promoted to Lieutenant.
Firefighters Nick Verstoppen, Luke VanGompel, Joe Fredrickson, Nicholas Ott, Aaron
Anderson, Joe Fitzpatrick, Cameron Sanford, & Sarah Cooper have been promoted to

Congratulations to these twenty-four members, we wish them the best of luck in their
new positions!

Credit: GBMFD