Box 32-1 toned for a residential fire on Walnut Street near the border with Penbrook Borough. Company 32, Engines 30, 33 and 40, and Rescues 35 and 37 made up the initial responders. Chief 32-2 (Lawrence) arrived to smoke showing from side A of a three-story, duplex broken up into several apartments. The first alarm brought Engines 37 and 34, Trucks 34 and 35, Wagon 4, Rescue 91, and Air 30 to the scene at 0201. A 1-3/4 inch handline was stretched from Engine 32 to the door on side D and Truck 32 forced entry and laddered the building. Police confirmed entrapment and command reported the entrapment was on the first-floor rear. Despite the reports, all searches of the building proved to be negative. The bulk of the fire was knocked down in five minutes with limited extension. The fire was placed under control at 0220.

– Fire News photo by Jason Coleman-Cobb