Perry County Box 4-09 sent Engines 4, 8, 3 and 12; Tankers 4, 4-1, 8, 3 and 12; Rescue 8, and Truck 12 to  Shermans Valley Road in Elliotsburg at the JW Smith Auto Body for a building fire. Responding companies were advised of multiple calls being received for the back of the building on fire. Chief 4 arrived to smoke showing and Engine 4 laid a line around the side of the building to the rear. A fill site was established at Tuscarora Hardwoods and two fold-a-tanks were set up at the entrance of the business. Engines 10 and 1-48 supplied water from the portable ponds to units on the fire ground. Tankers 1 and 10 were special called, and quickly deteriorating conditions accompanied by water supply issues due to no hydrants, prompted command to request a second alarm. Several handlines, a blitz fire, and the master stream from Truck 12 poured water on the L-shaped, metal clad building for hours before the fire was extinguished. Fire companies from three counties converged on the scene during the sunny, but windy, Saturday afternoon and were able to save a portion of the building.

– Fire News photo by Jason Coleman-Cobb