On October 26, 2023, at approximately 0911, special Stingray VIN ending in 911 rolled off the final line at Bowling Green Assembly. This car holds a special place in the hearts of the community as it is the source of many funds used to serve Bowling Green. Throughout this year, the Bowling Green Firefighters Association will lease the Corvette to the city for only $1, so it can be used for school fire prevention classes, parades, and special events, before being raffled off to provide funds to the nonprofit Bowling Green Firefighters Association. A limited number of 911 raffle tickets will be sold, and the funds will be used to support all the nonprofit activities firefighters utilize to serve the Bowling Green community.

The plant held a special celebration of this car by hosting the current Fire Chief Justin Brooks, retired Captain Ron Renner, and Executive Assistant Elyse Jonker for a tour. “The firefighters — their hearts, their minds, their actions — they are truly representative of what it means to be a pillar of this community. When they show up, it’s to help, whatever the circumstances, wherever the location, whoever the person. We strive to help the helpers, and I am incredibly thankful to be able to have a partnership with this brilliant team of people that serve Bowling Green,” said Plant Director Ray Theriault.

The team was then offered a unique experience where Chief Brooks brought the car to life by starting its engine before it was driven off the line. Chief Brooks said, “The mission of the Bowling Green Fire Department is to serve, save and protect. To make it better. The resource that a Corvette provides to the Bowling Green Firefighters Association only allows for a greater opportunity for the mission to be delivered to our community. We are grateful for our partnership with General Motors and their shared mission to do great things for our city.” Several joint leaders and other employees showed support by gathering at the final line and kicking off multiple rounds of applause as the car drove offline.

– Submitted by Elyse Jonker