On August 28, 2016, Southbridge (CT) firefighters responded to a report of a possible building fire on Main Street near Central Street.  The original fire address initially gave Southbridge firefighters trouble in finding the exact location, but the fire was finally found in a building on Main Street, backing a Central Street address. Firefighters arrived to fire advancing into two buildings via a small alleyway. They also had a report of a person trapped in the front of the building. Crews stretched handlines and made a push from the rear, as Southbridge Tower 1 set up on Main Street, located the person at a front window and rescued him uninjured. The fire load totally overwhelmed the first arriving crews, and several alarms were rapidly struck, totaling six alarms before it was brought under control. Mutual aid came from Webster, Dudley, Charlton, Sturbridge, Spencer, Auburn, East Brookfield, Brookfield, Leicester, Oxford, Sutton, Warren, Worcester,  Muddy Brook and Woodstock (CT) and Holland (MA). The fire displaced four businesses and 12 occupants who lived in the rooming house above.  Three Southbridge firefighters were treated at a local hospital for heat exhaustion, but later released. The building was considered a total loss and was razed.

– Fire News photos by Alan Brackett and Stephen Hess