The volunteer fire companies of Cardiff and Bargaintown were dispatched to English Creek Avenue on August 6, 2017, for a report of flames and smoke coming from the roof of the Shop Rite. Cardiff Chief Steven Sear and Assistant Chief Gilbert Zonge arrived and requested Cardiff Tower 15 to the rear of the store. Engine 1512 dropped a supply line from the tower to a hydrant 400 feet away. Once the water supply was established, Tower 15 hit the fire with their elevated master stream, cooling the fire enough to allow firefighters to proceed to the roof with preconnects. As it was a rather warm day, rehab was established and firefighters were rotated until all fire was extinguished and overhauled. Also responding were Scullville, Farmington, Northfield EHT EMS, EHT Police, EHTFD Fire Police, Atlantic City Electric, South Jersey Gas Company, Cardiff Ladies Auxiliary (and plenty of spectators!).                                         

– Fire News photo by Ken Badger