On July 15, 2016, the Saddle Brook Fire Department was dispatched to a car versus pole MVA on Saddle River Road with live wires down on a house. Upon arrival, the chief confirmed the report with fire showing on the exterior of the home on the second floor, extending into the attic, and requested a second alarm. The service to the home was damaged and was arcing and burning and an urgent request was made for Public Service Electric as companies attempted to safely keep the fire in check until the power could be cut. Approximately 45 minutes into the incident, the dispatcher advised command that they were still trying to contact the electric company as heavy fire took control of the attic and the service continued to arc out, quite spectacularly at times. Power was finally cut at around the one-hour mark, which allowed the fire to be extinguished with the use of several handlines and an elevated master stream.

– Fire News photo by Peter Danzo