Churchville volunteer firefighter Justin Montagno was only seven-years old when the WTC towers came crashing down and 343 firefighters were died. He joined the department when he was 18, following in the footseps of his dad, who was a volunteer with another company. Justin has never forgotten and doesn’t want anyone else to forget. In September he ran in Rochester’s half marathon. The Rochester marathon is a qualifier for the Boston Marathon in which he one day hopes to compete. What makes Justin’s accomplishment so impressive is that he did it in full turnout gear, including SCBA and all the essential in his pockets. The only thing he changed out was his boots for running sneakers.  This was his third year competing in the race in gear and he gets a lot of support from his fire department and chiefs. He does not really advertise to anyone that he is running in turnout gear that weighs an extra 75 pounds and is also a thermal barrier. He just hopes people notice and remember. This year donated two flags for him to display as he ran.

– Fire News photos by John Spaulding and @sdowdphoto