On January 13, 2019, Laurel, Delmar, Sharptown and SCEMS were alerted for a house fire at the corner of 10th and West Streets. Assistant Chief Mike Lowe assumed command of the fire located on West Tenth Street. A victim was located in the driveway who had been moved away from the home by neighbors and Laurel Police. SCEMS Paramedic Goldman began patient care. Engine 81-4 responded with Captain Zac Lecates, dropped a five-inch supply line and he was assigned as Operations Officer. Engine 81-3 with Captain Jamie Nelson secured a hydrant and water supply operations. Engine 74-2 with Chief Shawn Johnson was assigned to the B side at the rear. Deputy Chief Joe Morris was assigned RIT. Assistant Chief Artie Abbott handled Safety/Accountability. Engine 81-2 and Tower 81 supplied manpower, while Engine 1402 covered. Hebron Engine 507 stood by at Delmar. Truck 14 arrived simultaneously with the Delmar units and Chief Billy White took charge of access to the roof. A81 transported the patient to Nanticoke with serious injuries. The Delaware State Fire Marshal’s Office investigated.                            

– Submitted by Michael Lowe