It is with sadness that Paramedic Rich Beebe has been laid to rest. Rich was a nationally known author and EMS educator, an icon in New York State EMS, member of the State EMS Education and Training Committee and Board Member of CECBEMS (Continuing Education Coordinating Board for EMS) and NAEMSE (National Association of EMS Educators). Paramedics who graduated from the many classes and programs directed by Rich Beebe proudly call themselves “Beebe Medics”. Rich was also the co-organizer of the annual NYS Volunteer Ambulance & Rescue Association’s Pulse Check conference. Rich Beebe, who was a Guilderland paramedic and nationally known emergency medicine instructor, died Sunday from complications of the injuries he suffered in a motorcycle accident. Known as a dynamic paramedic with the Western Turnpike Rescue Squad, Rich was also known as a captivating instructor. Beebe loved teaching his profession to any level of student. Beebe was a lifetime member of the Western Turnpike Rescue Squad and still worked part-time as a Guilderland paramedic. When his twin daughters were born 29 years ago, he organized a baby-sitting system with other Western Turnpike volunteers so they could respond to ambulance calls while their children stayed at the station with another volunteer. Paramedic Rich Beebe’s legacy will live on in the hearts of the people he cared for and who he trained. Prayers go out to his family as he guides us from above. May he rest in peace.