In a historic move, New York State passed the EMS Cost Recovery Act (Senate Bill S7186A), a groundbreaking legislation designed to uplift the financial backbone of fire departments across the state which have been offering life-saving emergency medical services (EMS) without the ability to recover costs from insurance companies, Medicare, or Medicaid.

The Transformation

The EMS Cost Recovery Act empowers fire departments to bill insurance companies for EMS-rendered services, a practice that aligns New York with the rest of the country. This shift infuses fire departments with the fiscal strength to enhance their services and responsiveness.

Why This Matters

The passage of this Act signifies a monumental leap toward optimized emergency services, ensuring that financial constraints no longer impede the heroic efforts of fire departments. In the wake of increased operational costs exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic and recent economic inflation.

How Your Agency Stays Sustainable

While the Act lays a robust foundation, translating legislative empowerment into operational efficiency requires expertise and innovation. This is where ProClaim EMS Solutions & Billing seamlessly fits into the equation. ProClaim brings decades of cost recovery, technology, and clinical tools to ambulance corps and transporting fire districts.

Partner with ProClaim and step confidently into a future where the call to serve is not just answered but is empowered, efficient, and unequivocally sustainable. Speak confidentially with an EMS billing expert and discover what cost recovery can do for your agency. Call us at 914- 366-4004; ext. 619, or visit us online at