Porta-CAFS® upgrades your capability by increasing the effectiveness and safety of firefighters in limited water and personnel conditions. Compressed air foam has a proven track record of 3 to 5 times faster knockdown. Firematic has embraced this technology and designed a 650 CFM CAF system that is both affordable and reliable. Porta-CAFS is a high volume low pressure compressed air foam system. This system is much less expensive than high pressure compressors attached to truck mounted pumps. Porta-CAFS has revolutionized the industry with a cost of less than $5.00 per CFM. The patented Porta-CAFS unit is designed for any time you need a lot of foam fast.

To learn more, visit PortaCAFS.com or contact David Horton at: 631-995-3246 or DHorton@Firematic.com