Ex-Captain Christopher Kane, a 61-year member of the Patchogue Fire Department passed away from a 9/11 cancer on April 3, 2024.

Ex-Captain Kane had served in the US Coast Guard prior to joining the Patchogue Fire Department in 1963. Ex-Captain Kane exemplified by his service, that family and community were the cornerstones of his life.

Kane had risen through the ranks of his company and served as Captain of the Euclid Hose Company. In 1971 he had assisted in the rescue of a woman from a structure fire, and was awarded a Medal of Valor. He was also selected as Patchogue Fire Department’s, Fireman of the Year. Ex-Captain Kane had also responded and worked at the Wildfires of 1995.

On September 11, ex-Captain Kane responded with the Patchogue Fire Department to the World Trade Center in New York City, returning the following day. On September 13, he answered the call for welders and operated a plasma torch to cut steel at the WTC. He had also spent time at the site working with the “bucket brigades.” After his 9/11 service he contracted esophageal and prostate cancer and passed away from COPD. He was given full fire department honors at his wake and burial.

– Story and photos courtesy of the Patchogue FD