The Passaic Fire Department transmitted a box for a building fire on Hope Avenue. On arrival of BC Hayowyk, he reported fire showing on the decond floor Bravo side of the large three-story frame and quickly requested a second alarm. As lines were stretched into the second floor apartment, the fire was found to be running the exterior walls on the Bravo side. Searches of the third floor found that fire had already extended into it and an additional handline was requested. Companies experienced water problems, possibly due to frozen hydrants, and a third alarm was requested as the crew on the roof performing ventilation reported fire running the cockloft. With the fire spreading and conditions deteriorating, command ordered all members out of the building and off the roof approximately 30 minutes into the fire. Heavy fire broke through the roof as L-2 set up their ladder pipe, L-1 put their bucket into operation on the Delta side and Clifton L-3 prepared to go to work as well. Several handlines and blitz fires were also operated trying to knock down the fire and protect exposures. A fourth alarm was transmitted and Passaic Valley Water was requested to boost pressure. With an adequate water supply established, E-2 operated their deck gun which assisted in quickly knocking down the bulk of the fire and, after allowing the building to drain out, members re-entered the structure where they found pockets of fire which they extinguished with handlines. The fire was placed under control at 2200; at least one firefighter was evaluated by EMS on the scene. The cause of the fire was under investigation.

– Fire News photos by Peter Danzo and Mark Rosetti