Orebank ,Tennessee

The Orebank Volunteer Fire Department recently put a donated fire engine into service.  The new fire engine, identified as Orebank 2401, upgrades the department’s equipment and response to fight fires. 


The new engine, a donation from Mahwah, NJ, is a 2001 American Lafrance fire engine with a 750-gallon water tank and a 2000 gallon-per-minute pump.  It also has a 100-gallon foam tank that can supply foam to help cool a fire and prevent oxygen from reaching the fire. 


The fire engine became available after the Mahwah department upgraded its equipment.  The donation happened due to a series of requests and communications made by Orebank department member Gary Morrison.  After all the calls, it came down to one letter. 


“We had to write a letter requesting the donation, and here it sits,” Morrison said.


The department spent $1,000 to transport the fire engine and $8,000 to service the pump, pump testing, and other minor repairs.  Chief David Peters said the $9,000 came from donations from residents inside the Orebank fire district.