On December 28, 2017, firefighters in the Bronx were dispatched to Prospect Avenue for a reported structure fire. With multiple calls being received for multiple people trapped, the box was filled out. Engine 88 was the first arriving unit and transmitted an all-hands. Battalion 18 arrived and requested an extra engine and truck and also reported a bad hydrant. The fire quickly escalated to a five alarm blaze. It was reported that the fire may have been started by a three-year-old playing with the burners on the stove. The parent grabbed the child and ran out of the apartment without shutting the door, allowing the fire to spread rapidly to the upper floors of the building. The spread of the fire trapped people, resulting in the death of 12. At the time of this report, four more people were in critical condition. It was reported that firefighters were able to rescue a total of 17 people.

-Fire News photos by PuckStopperPhotography.com