Recently, Churchville Fire Department and Ambulance were dispatched for a single-car MVA in the area of Baker Street in the village. A pickup truck was found in trees down a 15-foot embankment. If not for OnStar being automatically activated and GPS used, the victim would likely not have been found until the next day. The truck left the roadway,  glanced off a two-foot tree, went airborne for 50 feet until it struck another two-foot tree head on. The fire department used chainsaws and hydraulic tools to effect the rescue in about 30 minutes. The patient was rushed to Strong Memorial Hospital with a paramedic from Monroe Ambulance. The victim underwent nine hours of surgery, having sustained multiple broken bones in each extremity, a closed head injury, and multiple organ issues including bladder, spleen and gall bladder. 

-Fire News photo by John Spaulding