The Odessa Fire Company Cadet Program is developed to provide an opportunity for young people within the community to actively participate and become familiar with career opportunities available in the Fire & Emergency Services. This is a vital part of our organization. The program is made up of young adults from the age group of 14 to 17, who live in, or attend school in the Odessa Fire Company, or lives within a neighboring fire district that does not have a similar cadet program. Training is conducted through lectures, hands-on experiences, and through field trips twice a month to familiarize cadets with the basics of fire company organization, fire/rescue, and EMS basics.  The Odessa Fire Company has 13 young adults in the Cadet Program lead by Cadet Advisors Keith Cavanaugh (Chairman), Mark Bendler, Past Chief Brent Billings, Deputy Brian Pyle, Lieutenant Brian Smith, and Sarah Getchell.

– Submitted by Jennifer Wilson