Your Fire Department Can Support COVID-19 Community Testing

The National Volunteer Fire Council and Color Health, in partnership with the CDC, are supporting free
COVID-19 lab testing for under-resourced communities across the nation. Your fire department can play
a critical role to increase access in your area by becoming a testing location. It takes little effort from
your team and no certification is required.

In exchange for your participation in this program, your department will receive $250 for participating,
$50 for every month that your site is sending tests, and $5 for every test at your site. You could also use
the program to raise the profile of your department in the community as well as an opportunity to
distribute department and recruitment literature to community members that come in.
To participate, sign up using this form.

To learn more about the program, view this flyer and watch this informational webinar that highlights
the benefits of the program, onboarding and site set-up, and support that is provided.