The National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC) offers many training opportunities to support the fire and emergency services. Topics focus on health and safety, recruitment and retention, grant writing, public education, leadership, and much more.

The NVFC Virtual Classroom features dozens of on-demand courses for just $21 per course. Better yet, purchase an NVFC membership for a yearly fee of $21 and get access to all Virtual Classroom courses for free. In addition, the NVFC hosts a series of free live webinars and roundtable talks on current issues facing the fire and emergency services.

Among the in-person educational opportunities is the NVFC Training Summit, an annual conference featuring classroom sessions on topics of critical importance to the fire and emergency services. NVFC members are eligible for a travel stipend to help offset the costs of attending. Other in-person trainings include the Partners in Training (PIT) Crew project, which provides free hazmat courses at locations across the country. Learn more about the NVFC’s training opportunities at Join the NVFC to take advantage of free training and other benefits at