The New Jersey State Police received calls of a rollover on the Garden State Parkway northbound with three passengers possibly trapped. Clifton Fire Department dispatched Engines 5 and 6, Truck 2 and EMS-1. Crews were advised one vehicle rolled down an embankment, landing on top of a soft-top temporary structure housing rock salt, upside-down with all parties trapped. Command requested an additional engine, truck, and the remaining two EMS units to respond to the parkway maintenance yard on Route 46. Crews on the parkway roped tools down to the vehicle, while the crews in the maintenance yard set up the tower ladder. The crews of Truck 2 and Engine 2 cut the roofing material for access and were able to remove the trapped out the windows of the SUV. All three were transported with ALS to St. Joseph’s Trauma Center in Paterson. Had the vehicle landed 10 feet one way or the other, it would have suffered another 30-foot fall.                                                   

– Fire News photos by Mark Rosetti