Taskforce 25 units were alerted for a reported house fire with victims trapped in the historic Medford Village section of town. Chief Farnsworth reported a two-story single-family dwelling with fire showing from the bravo side and a victim on the wrap-around porch’s roof.  Quint 2514’s crew laddered the porch and made the successful rescue of an injured male occupant. A female occupant made it out on her own with injuries. Engine 3712’s crew initiated the fire attack while the rescue was being made and were able to keep the fire to the side of origin. Balloon frame construction and Collyer’s Mansion conditions allowed the fire to travel quickly up the bravo wall from the basement to the second floor. Two kittens were located and given CPR and survived, several other cats were seen running out of the home during the fire attack, and one dog perished. The cause of the fire was under investigation.

– Fire News photos by Dave Hernandez