Recent Delivery: Newtown Fire & Emergency Services

July 2021

Congratulations to the responders from Newtown Fire & Emergency Services! The department recently accepted delivery of their new Holmatro Pentheon & Holmatro CORE Technology rescue tools from ESI Equipment.

The department took advantage of the specially priced demo equipment and added to their equipment arsenal a Holmatro Pentheon PCU50 7.2″ cutter with over 312,000 lbs. of cutting force, a PSP40 28″ Spreader with over 62,000 lbs. of spreading capability, two PCT50 Combi tools each with a 15″ spread, a max spreading force of 418,145 lbs. and a max cutting force of 150,622 lbs.

The department also added single hose CORE Technology with the addition of a CORE CU 4007 Mini Cutter with 49,458 lbs. cutting force. And a CORE CU 5060i 8.1″ Incline NCT Cutter with 396,788 lbs. of cutting force.

With their latest investment in Holmatro Tools from ESI Equipment, their lightweight, fast, and extremely powerful tools will benefit the department for years to come and aid in conquering the newest vehicle constructions. ESI Equipment looks forward to continuing to provide them with the latest in all aspects of the vehicle rescue world and are proud to have them as part of the ESI Equipment family for past 30 years!