On June 19, 2018, Paramedic Senior Corporal Thomas Murphy had the opportunity to reunite with two patients he assisted over 21 years ago. Jessica Fogal, a recent graduate of the University of Delaware and her mother visited the New Castle County Department of Public Safety Headquarters to reunite with one of the paramedics that helped deliver Jessica in their home in 1996.

“I didn’t really have time to think, or to prepare for that matter,” said Paramedic Senior Corporal Murphy. He remembered the response and the rapid delivery that occurred on the bathroom floor shortly after they arrived on scene.

“Senior Corporal Murphy has 37 years of experience with the New Castle County Paramedics,” said Chief Lawrence E. Tan of the Emergency Medical Services Division. “He has had an impact on the lives of many in New Castle County. The return of this family to meet and thank him 21 years later is a testament to that impact.”

– Submitted by New Castle County EMS

Paramedic Senior Corporal Thomas Murphy (right) meets Jessica Fogal, 21 years after he helped deliver her. Fogal is a recent graduate of the University of Delaware.