Nashville Fire Department EMS Division Deploys New ATVs

New First Responder Medical ATV provides more patient privacy, protection from the elements and improved emergency response during special events.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (August 9, 2021) Nashville Fire Department’s new First Responder Medical ATV hit the streets just in time for the Music City Grand Prix in August 2021.

The Off-Road Specialty Vehicle allows first responders to access patients in crowded locations to provide patient care.  If needed personnel assigned to the ATV can transport patients to a waiting ambulance for transportation to a hospital.

The New First Responder Medical ATV joins the special event Fire ATVs NFD already uses during special events and on weekends in the Nashville Downtown Entertainment District.

The new ATVs feature an enclosed patient area. This allows for patient care to happen in a climate-controlled atmosphere and provides privacy. The ATV is also able to carry more specialized medical equipment because the equipment is secured in the ATV away from the elements.

“Our EMS Division Deputy Director Robert McAlister has worked to bring these cutting edge First Responder ATVs to Nashville for years,” Director Chief William Swann said. “With the support of the Mayor’s Office and Metro Council we were able to purchase our first ATV with an enclosed patient area through our 4% budget.”

The 4% budget is used to fund medical supplies, support tools and other non-capital needs of the NFD.

Each ATV with the patient enclosure costs approximately $80,000. The NFD plans to add two more ATVs to the fleet by the end of 2021.

The new First Responder Medical ATVs are also expected to help reduce the wear and tear on NFD’s front line apparatus, because they will be able to make medical runs in the downtown area during the busiest times.


CREDIT: Joseph Pleasant / PIO