Nashville Fire Department A-EMT Honored as 2023 EMT of the Year
Marcus S. Bagwell Sr., joined NFD in 1985

Nashville, TENN (February 21, 2024) The Tennessee Ambulance Service Association has named A-EMT
Marcus S. Bagwell, Sr, as the organizations 2023 EMT of the Year.
Bagwell’s dedication to his work and passion for providing exceptional care to NFD’s patients have earned him
this prestigious recognition.

He attributes his success to the strong foundation he built by working alongside other EMS members who
served as not just supervisors, but mentors.

A-EMT Bagwell’s commitment to patient care, kindness, professionalism, compassion, and unwavering
dedication sets the gold standard for his colleagues in the EMS Division.

“Marcus is the gold standard for patient care, kindness, professionalism, compassion, and most of all dedication
to doing his best EVERY shift,” Fred Smith, Nashville Fire Department Deputy Director of EMS Operations
said. “He is an example we are proud to have others in our EMS Division follow because it makes us all safer.”

Credit: Nashville FD