Norfolk, Virginia:


Norfolk A-shift crews were called to this multi-unit complex on Suburban Parkway on February 6th, for a structure fire. At 3:31 pm the first companies arrived and found smoke showing from a second floor apartment. By 3:38, the incident was upgraded to a 2nd alarm and several medic units were called to the scene. An aggressive interior attack allowed them to obtain fire control just before 4 pm, but several residents were forced to evacuate from their windows, with NFR crews assisting. E02, E06, E09, E12, E13, E14, L09, L13, L14, R01, R02, M02, M07, M09, M12, M13, M14, BC02, BC03 and the FM Group all responded to the incident. Fortunately, there were no civilians transported to the hospital, and there were no FF injuries, but several occupants will be displaced.


Credit: Norfolk Fire-Rescue