It is with deep sadness we announced the passing of 54-year member Richard Mills. Rich joined the Mechanics-town Fire Department on December 3, 1970 and maintained active membership throughout his 54 years. Many of us had grown to know Rich as ‘Mr. Mills.’

Mills began climbing the ranks when he became Lieutenant in 1972, Captain in 1973, and Assistant Chief in 1976. He has also served in various civil offices beginning with Financial Secretary from 1972-1977, Chaplain and several others, and also served as Fire Commissioner with the Mechanicstown Fire District.

He was a member of the Orange County Volunteer Firefighter’s Association, Orange County Volunteer Fire Police Association, Volunteer Fire Police Association of the State of New York, and an 11-year member of the NYS Association of Fire Chaplains.

We will forever miss Mr. Mills and his friendship, spiritual guidance, and his overall service to others. May he rest in peace.

– Photo provided