Larry Brown, Jr., a 27-year member of the Manorville Fire Department passed away on October 16, 2021. He was 78- years old.

Larry joined the Manorville Fire Department on June 1, 1984. Due to a break in membership, his total service time to the Manorville community as a Manorville firefighter was just over 27 years. 

Larry served on many committees including the Brookhaven Chiefs, Manorville Chamber of Commerce, Memorial, Family Picnic, By-Laws and Brookhaven Museum. Larry was elected and served as Commissioner of the Manorville Fire District from January 2018 through December 2020. He was instrumental in many projects and fought hard to save the tax dollars of the Manorville residents.

Larry was elected 2nd Assistant Chief in 2021 by his peers. Larry loved the fire service and hoped to pass that on to the new members coming into the Manorville Fire Department. He worked hard at keep things interesting and was a great instructor to many in and out of the fire service. Larry could be found attending the many town and county meetings, always looking for new information to bring back to the firehouse. Larry’s love of the fire service was equal in comparison to his love of his community and the history of Manorville.

Larry is survived by his son Daniel, his mother Elsie of Manorville and his father Larry of Pennsylvania.   

– Fire News photo by Ron Monteleone