On September 19, 2023, at 0855, Kanawha County Station 3 Malden VFD was alerted for an MVA with reported entrapment at the Route 60 (Kanawha Boulevard) Malden entrance ramp westbound. Utility 3 Chief 3 arrived to a two-vehicle crash with three patients with one being entrapped. Rescue Engine 33 arrived at the scene and began extrication. KCEAA transported two patients to CAMC General Division. Hutch’s Wrecker Service removed the vehicles. Units that responded were Malden Rescue Engine 33, Utility3, KCEAA AS 511, 591, 114, 118and 157, KCSD 15, 81 and 96.

– Submitted by AC Bradley ‘Sparky’ Scott, Malden VFD