Story and Photos by

Bob Bartosz

Nash County Fire Photographer


North Carolina First Responders had a busy week between dodging hurricane, tornadoes and working fires Water Rescues . Many of the roads in North Carolina are Still closed due to flooding including Interstate I-95. On September 16, 2018 Fire Chief Teddy Stamatis had just left his home to go shopping when a fire call came in for a working fire at his Macclesfield Fire Station. On arrival he found heavy fire showing in the fire house. He was able to get one of the apparatus bay doors open and remove one of his tankers to safety. He tried to get back in but the building was heavily involved. He could hear the other local fire departments responding and many of his firefighters were now arriving on location. There wasn’t much they could do until the other fire apparatus arrived. In total Ten  different stations responding with over 70 firefighters, it took several hours to bring the fire under control. After the blaze was under control, 4 fireengines were totally destroyed, including all the interior contents of the station. The fire came in around 9:30 am and at 4:30 pm firefighters were still extinguishing hot spots and removing debris. Varies local fire stations had contacted Chief Stamatis offering him equipment from their stations to help him out along with his 23 members. Chief Stamatis said that they had been on 24 hour call waiting to assist other local fire companies in the many towns in North Carolina that are completely flooded. Over 900 water rescues were made including over 500 people rescues from one town in New Bern, North Carolina. The water level is still rising even though the storm has passed by. As I write this story, 2300 residents have been asked to leave their homes due to the high water rising at a fast rate. Officials report that this will last for several more days. The town of Macclesfield is a small town in Edgecombe County, NC, it is one of the few towns in our area that is still dry. It is almost impossible to drive 10-15 miles in , either directions East or South and be met by closed off roads, due to high waters and debris on the roads.Ten  Vol  Fire Departments responded  from two Counties. South Edgecombe, Pinetops, Conetoe, Baker Town East Nash,Tosinot ,,Bethel, Speed, Sharp point ,,Fountian .Sharpsburg  Chief Stamatis said  would like to thank  all the  Departments who were  calling in asking him  what they can do for his  department with trucks and equipment for us to get back in operation as quick as possible.