Little Fork Volunteer Technical Large Animal Rescue Team was requested to assist with a mammoth donkey down in the Lakota area of the county. The owner had been working with “Mabel” trying to get her up since she was discovered. She simply could not get the traction to stand up. She had actually managed to spin around in the field quite a few times, but the traction was simply not there. The 15-year-old was quickly and totally worn out. The vet had been notified and arrived just after the crew did. He examined her and found nothing wrong. She was simply exhausted from trying to stand back up. From our perspective, Mabel appeared to be in great shape. The owner was sure that if we could get her back on her hooves she would stand. It was decided to use a Becker Sling to lift her with the farm tractor. Lighting was essential for everyone’s safety. Four large hand lights and vehicle lighting were deployed. Mabel was lifted without incident and was slowly lowered to where she could stand in the sling. She was massaged and left in the sling until ready to stand on her own.  After a while she was eventually lowered totally to the ground and then released. We removed the sling and assisted Mabel with walking to her barn and into her stall. We would like to thank our volunteer technicians who responded to help. This includes the other Little Fork volunteers who covered our station while we were helping Mabel. A total of 15 of our volunteers were involved. Equine 9, Ambulance 9, Rescue Engine 9 and Chief 9 responded to this incident.

– Photos courtesy of Little Fork Volunteer Technical Large Animal Rescue Team