Firefighters participating at Lancaster County Firemen’s Association class “A” live burn training facility would be visited by a neighbor’s farm dog named Kayla. Kayla traversed the farm fields to greet the firefighters without fail. Sadly, on Thanksgiving Day, November 23, 2017, Kayla passed away.

“There wasn’t an occasion when Kayla did not show up during a live burn,” stated Lieutenant Greg Leaman from Lancaster Township Fire Department. “She would take in all the loving the firefighters would provide” Leaman said.

Kayla would enjoy the fellowship of the firefighters, lying in the grass observing the firefighters entering and exiting the burn building as smoke billowed from the windows and doors. She would jump up and attempt to bite the streams of water as the firefighters were cleaning the burn rooms and outside during hose line evolutions.

She will be greatly missed by all the staff and firemen at the training facility. Rest in peace Kayla!

– Fire News photos by Greg Leaman