Lancaster County Firemen’s Association celebrated its 100th anniversary on June 21, 2020. The event was postponed several times from June 6 on the hopes the restriction on large public gatherings would be lifted.

The association was organized in Manheim on June 17, 1921, with 11 fire companies.

The annual convention book, which showcases all Lancaster County fire departments was still produced, but took until December 10, 2020 to be printed. After the final design of the book was completed, LCFA decided to merge the convention book with the PA Fireman magazine that is printed and mailed monthly.

The 16-month journey of the 2021 convention book began shortly after the 99th convention in June of 2019.

Book designer LCFA Convention Chairman and Lancaster Township Fire Department Captain Greg Leaman chronicles the 100-year history of the association in the book.

The book contains 14 historial pages covering the origin of LCFA, Manheim Fire, LCFA Fire School, Fire Expo, Fire Safety Trailer and a list of the 99 past convention hosts. All 52 LODDs are chronicled in the book. All Lancaster County fire companies are featured with their histories, an apparatus photo and company patch. The book totals 192 pages Half of the advertisement revenue is given to the convention host, Manheim Fire Company. The ad solicitation company retains the other half.

The 52 LODD names are often published but no information of how they died in the of line duty can be found. Leaman researched each of the deaths using newspaper articles dating back to 1870. All line of duty deaths are now memorialized in the convention book for future reference.

The 192-page perfect-bound book was printed at Lancaster County Firemen’s Association’s print shop. A book of this proportion is made possible only by the generous cooperation of the advertisers, who each year show their appreciation of the work of the volunteer firemen of Lancaster County, by subscribing to space of this publication.

On sober reflection, it may be apparent that returns in actual money value to the advertiser, do not warrant the investment. Yet the advertiser realizes that the volunteer firemen are always ready to aid them and their community at the crucial moment, and this is one way to show their appreciation.

But let the firemen and their friends in turn be appreciative. Reciprocate wherever possible. There is not a single firm or business represented in this book that is not worthy of your patronage.

Due to a shift in fire department culture and lack of interest, this book is sadly the last convention book that will be produced.

– Fire News photo by Captain Greg Leaman, Lancaster Twp. FD