KIMTEK Corporation has just introduced the MEDLITE® Transport MCI-106 Medical Skid Unit designed for first response at multiple casualty incidents. This latest MEDLITE model joins KIMTEK’s extensive line of high quality, functional UTV-based medical transport skid units produced for EMS, fire departments, and the military. KIMTEK’s MEDLITE Transport MCI-106 unit is built to military grade specifications with all aluminum construction and stainless steel components. Designed to quickly extract two casualties at once from a multiple casualty incident (MCI), it also offers extra storage area and equipment slide-out trays, making KIMTEK’s model the most versatile MCI transport available. The slip-on skid unit transports two patients on a backboard or stokes basket simultaneously. Two separate storage compartments below the patient transport area provide nine cubic feet of space each, combining to create 18 cubic feet of cargo space to store medical equipment, PPE, hazmat supplies, and body bags. Both storage compartments feature a slide-out tray with back stop allowing easy access to stored items. KIMTEK’s MCI-106 transport medical skid unit is the model preferred by agencies faced with potential large public event MCI scenarios and for use in active war settings across the globe.

More information about the new MEDLITE models and other KIMTEK products is available at, or by calling 888-546-8358.