LAUREL COUNTY, Ky. — A thief stole a military Humvee that belonged to the London – Laurel County Rescue Squad on October 20th 2020, police said.

The massive 1999 military vehicle was stolen from Main Street in London around 2 a.m. October 20th, police said. It was parked in front of the rescue squad building with a sign on it to advertise the rescue squad’s haunted house, police said.

There were no keys left inside the vehicle.

The thief was believed to be a male wearing dark clothing who drove the vehicle to an Economy Inn on North Main Street, police said. It was later seen going north on U.S. 25 at a high rate of speed, police said.

The Humvee was overturned in a ditch when it was later found. It wasn’t totaled, but the doors were ripped off.

A suspect has been identified.

The rescue squad’s Humvee, which previously had been used as an ambulance, was fitted with emergency lights, a siren, off-road lights and a mobile radio, according to police.

The alleged thief targeted a valuable piece of equipment. Humvee prices vary depending on features, but the original cost is reported to be about $70,000. Armored Humvees can reportedly cost as much as $220,000. But the Department of Defense has auctioned Humvees in the past, and they can now be found at much lower prices. The stolen vehicle was several years old.

-Photo London-Laurel County Rescue Squad Facebook