On July 22, 2017, the Piermont Fire Department was dispatched to assist kayakers in distress somewhere in the area of a marsh adjacent to the Hudson River. As the kayakers were working their way through the marsh, the tide went out rapidly, trapping them in waist-deep mud. Locating the victims was difficult as they were hidden by 10- to 15- foot marsh grass. Low water would not allow small boats access. After contacting the stranded parties via cellphone, and with the help of a volunteer with a drone, they were eventually located, and their position was relayed to divers. PFD Lt. Reece McNichol donned a drysuit and waded through the mud and muck to the victims, assessed them and then relayed that there would be no practical way to remove them via water or land. Chief Don Hardy contacted NYPD Special Ops for their helicopter, which removed personnel and the kayakers.

– Fire News photos by Kenny Flynn