The Blue Point Fire Department recently received notice from the Insurance Services Office (ISO) that as of September 1, 2015, it will be rated as ISO Class 2. Of the 48, 855 municipalities across the country surveyed by ISO, only 917 (less than two percent) have been categorized as Class 2.

This achievement is particularly notable as it is rather rare for a volunteer fire department to attain a Class 2 rating, and it comes just as Blue Point celebrates its 125th anniversary.

While some insurance companies rely on other factors when determining insurance premiums, the significance of this new classification should let the citizens of Blue Point feel confident in knowing that their fire department is up there with the very best.

Is there a Class 1 in the future? Not likely as all fire-related services in Blue Point are provided by volunteers. But every effort will be made to maintain this exceptional rating in the coming years.

Being a small department, with five, fully-equipped, front line pieces of apparatus, a fire/rescue boat and the usual assortment of support vehicles, responding to approximately 220 runs each year, what Blue Point may lack in working fires and call volume is offset by training, training and more training. The amount of training by each and every member is a true testament to their commitment to the community and department.

Coupled with an aggressive equipment testing and service program, as well as extensive record keeping of incidents, training and maintenance, Blue Point was able to demonstrate to ISO that they are truly worthy of this classification.

The Board of Fire Commissioners and the chiefs, past and present, are justifiably proud of this rating and point to the untold hours of training and preparation that all the members spend to provide the best in fire protection to Blue Point’s residents.

-Fire News story by Joe Sauerwein