Indianapolis, Indiana:

Indianapolis Fire Department

Sunday October 9, 2022

Single Car in the water with entrapment

34th and Lafayette Rd
Car overturned in retention pond
Dispatched at 5:06 AM
First Unit on scene LD30 at 5:10 AM
11 IFD Units Dispatched
Ladder 30 reports inverted car into a retention pond in about 4 1/2 feet of water
IFD Firefighters from Station 30 enter the water at 5:11 AM
Male driver removed at 5:13 AM

Driver (19) was checked at scene, OK and released to his mother.

Signed an SOR

Incident Command – Battalion Chief Kenny Bacon


Firefighters from IFD Station 30 made an aggressive rescue of a driver after his car went down an embankment near 34th and Lafayette Rd. and into the water. Firefighters arrived on scene to find a blue car, inverted in a retention pond, with  reports of multiple occupants inside.


6 IFD firefighters entered the mucky, waist deep water and made contact with the car. All of the windows and doors were intact.  The crew opened up one of the doors and the man reached out for them. They quickly pulled him out and carried him up the embankment to awaiting medics.  Simultaneously, they continued to search the car for additional occupants. One firefighter stated they felt a car seat – which momentarily gave them pause, that there might be a child inside.


While in the medic, the driver told firefighters that there were 4 other individuals in the car, 2 males and 2 females.  Based on that information, upon arrival, divers from IFD station 14, made entry into the water, conducted a thorough search and found no other occupants.


Shortly after the driver’s mother arrived on scene, the driver recanted his story and admitted he was the only person in the vehicle.  He was released to the custody of his mother.



Credit: Rita L Reith, MPIO