Working Dive Recovery
7721 Battery Point Way
Solana Apartments

Units were dispatched 11:17 AM
12 IFD Units Dispatched – Including IFD Tactical Dive Team 14
First Unit on scene.

IMPD on scene with family who reported an 85 year old male – missing since 6 pm on Tuesday
Family members reported that the pond located inside Solana Apartments was a favorite fishing destination of the missing man.
Family members and IMPD located the man’s car at the complex – IMPD requested IFD Dive Team
Solana Apartment management was extremely helpful by providing security footage, showing the man fishing on the north pier of the pond, on Tuesday, which provided divers with a specific, last known location, to begin their search.

IFD Tactical Dive Team 7 arrived on scene at 11:35 AM
IFD UAV Deployed to conduct thermal camera bank searches along the pond
IFD Boat 14 Deployed to assist with thermal camera search
Deployed diver 1 into water at 11:52 AM

Victim was located at 11:56 AM – located 5 feet off the end of the dock (about 30 feet from the shore) approx. 8 feet deep
Deployed diver 2 into water at 12:02 PM
Marion County Coroner  was dispatched to scene
Command Terminated at 12:03 PM

Submitted by Rita Reith