6:40 PM – Indianapolis Fire Investigators say a fire was intentionally set, ARSON, at 6749 S Tibbs Ave and caused damage to several out of service Semi Trailers, a Cement Mixer and a Semi Cab. Additionally, the fire caused the rupture of several saddle tanks still full of diesel fuel, which led to runoff into a nearby creek. Indianapolis FD HazMat teams were called to contain the fuel and off load it into overpack barrels. 2/3 of the fuel was successfully off loaded and 1/3 remained in the tanks – absorbed with oil dry after the heavy fire damage to the trailers made work difficult for firefighters to remove the fuel. HazMat crews also used absorbent materials to contain the runoff and are working with Marion County Health and DPW for assistance. The fire was marked under control in 25 minutes with no injuries. Crews were on scene for several more hours working to mitigate the HazMat issue and command was terminated at 10:30 PM

Credit: Rita Reith