Indianapolis, Indiana: 

Working Dive Rescue

2115 S White River Pkwy E Drive
Overturned boat with 2 victims in the water
Dispatched at 7:00 PM
First Unit on scene BC05 at 7:05 PM
11 IFD Units Dispatched – Including IFD Tactical Dive Teams 7 & 14
Battalion 5 reports overturned boat with 1 male standing on top –  he reports another person still in the water at 7:11 PM
Victim is believed to have been subsurface for 52 minutes.

IFD Diver 1 enters the water at 7:22 PM – surfaces at 7:38 PM

Boat 7 in the water at 7:24 PM
Male on top of boat – secured at 7:26 PM
IFD Diver 2 enters the water at 7:40 PM
Boat 7 Establishes Sonar search at 7:41 PM

Adult Male Victim located by IFD Diver 2 at 7:53 PM – 20-25 feet from shore – 10-12 feet down
Victim transported to Eskenazi at 7:57 PM via Wayne Township Medic 81

Owner of boat was checked at scene, OK and released
Capsized boat brought to shore by Boat 7 at 8:10 PM

Incident Command – Battalion Chief Todd Felgen
Command Terminated at 8:38 PM

IMPD on scene
DNR on scene

The owner of the boat, the man who was found standing on the capsized vessel, told firefighters that he had been on the water, fishing all day. He fishes in the area quite often. His friend requested to join him in the boat just before 7 pm.  After entering the boat, they headed back onto the river. Within minutes, he says his friend got nervous, stood up and jumped out of the boat. When he jumped, his legs pushed the side of the boat down into the water and the boat overturned.  He went under the water and did not surface.  The owner was able to climb onto the top of the overturned boat where he awaited rescue.  Neither of the men were wearing life vests. A witness to the incident called 911 activating the emergency response immediately.   Witnesses who stayed on scene were vitally helpful in directing IFD divers to the victims last seen location.  Given that the body of water is so large, the importance of witness information cannot be understated. Divers were able to locate the man within 38 minutes of entering the water.

Credit: Rita L Reith, MPIO