Indianapolis, Indiana

Indianapolis Fire Department     

Saturday August 14, 2021

Motor Vehicle Accident w/Entrapment
4300 N Mitthoeffer
Dispatched at 1:27 AM

First Unit on scene IFD EG02 at 1:29 AM
Single Car PI with 2 patients entrapped- Dodge Ram 1500 truck is suspended on a bridge over the creek

Marked working entrapment at 1:30 AM
IFD Rope Rescue Task Force 7 requested at Dispatched at 1:33 AM
11 IFD Units Dispatched
1 City of Lawrence Unit Dispatched
Male Passenger (74) – self extricated with assistance by firefighters at 1:50 AM – transported in stable condition to Eskenazi by IEMS Medic 44

Garners Wrecker requested at 1:50 AM
Extrication on driver started at 1:58 AM
On Scene Medical Doctor requested at 2:24 AM
Lifeline requested at 2:32 AM
Male Driver (62) – Extricated at 3:11 AM – transported in critical condition via IU Lifeline to Methodist Hospital
Total extrication time – 1 hour 44 minutes

Marion County Health Department dispatched for fluids in to the creek

IFD firefighters assisted by a unit from City of Lawrence extricated and rescued a man from his overturned truck after he flipped over a guardrail and landed on a bridge abutment, suspended over a creek. It is believed the truck was headed north on Mitthoeffer Rd when it made contact with the guardrail and flipped over it.  While the passenger of the vehicle was able to self-extricate, after firefighters removed a rear window, the driver of the truck was pinned beneath the dash.  Firefighters were able to stabilize and de-energize the vehicle within 20 minutes and once stabilized, provided ALS medical care to the entrapped driver.  One of the many issues firefighters faced was the lack of surface area in which to work.  The car lay on its side with one side flush against the guardrail and the other at the edge of the concrete abutment.  One wrong move and crews would find themselves in the creek 12 feet below. As firefighters worked to free the man, they continued to face obstacles with the extrication and removal.  Additional assistance was requested in the form of an on scene doctor and Garners Wrecker.   Garners was instrumental in lifting the truck up, which enabled firefighters to remove more of the car and eventually free the driver. However, once they lifted the vehicle, the fuel tank began to leak and presented additional problems.  Marion County Health was called.  Strong work by all involved.

Credit: Rita L Reith, MPIO