Audio dispatch notifications are now available within IaR, at no additional cost has acquired TwoToneDetect and integrated an enhanced TwoToneDetect version into its all-inclusive suite of time-saving, online tools for emergency responders.  TwoToneDetect captures emergency dispatch audio and transmits it through the IamResponding system to emergency responders so that they can hear their actual audio dispatches right through their mobile devices, from any location.

“One of IamResponding’s core features provides dispatch notifications to emergency responders’ mobile devices via multiple and redundant pathways, including app push notification, text message and email to an unlimited number of member devices.” explained IamResponding President Daniel Seidberg, adding that “We are excited to bring this industry-leading tone and audio capture software into our existing suite of emergency notification tools.”

The integration of actual audio

dispatches in IamResponding supplements IamResponding’s emergency notifications for those agencies that desire additional redundancy of their dispatch notifications, who may prefer to hear the actual emergency audio transmission, or who may not be able to equip all of their members with pagers or radios.  This also provides a highly reliable solution for agencies that are dispatched by dispatch centers that do not have a CAD system, as this does not require any involvement by the dispatch center.

“It has been a pleasure to work with the IamResponding team to integrate an enhanced version of TwoToneDirect into their existing suite of communication tools,” said

Andy Knitt, the original developer of TwoToneDetect, explaining that “This integration allows for a much more robust delivery of emergency audio alerts to emergency responders, directly through the highly reliable IamResponding system.”

According to Mr. Knitt, “Integrating TwoToneDetect into IamResponding was a logical evolution for the improvement of the delivery of audio dispatch notifications, as I already had great familiarity with IamResponding as a user of that system, and I already understood both the reliability of IamResponding and its value to emergency response entities.”  Mr. Knitt further advised that “I highly encourage all TwoToneDetect users to consider migrating their notifications to IamResponding because the audio delivery reliability, integrated phone app functionality, and support of TwoToneDetect within IamResponding far exceeds what has been available to this point.”

In keeping with its longstanding practice of continually enhancing the features and tools it makes available to its users, Mr. Seidberg advised that “IamResponding will be providing the fully integrated TwoToneDetect functionality to its users at no additional cost, and plans a gradual rollout of the new functionality to its user base over the next couple of months.”

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